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Monday, March 26, 2007

Is It Just Me, or Do These Things Happen More Often Than In The Past?

Totally off politics for the moment.

Is it me, or are stories about people killing their own children or abducting them more prevalent now than in the past? is it just that we live in a 24/7 media environment, and we are aware of these stories?

It breaks my heart every time I read one of the tragic examples of either metal illness or jsut plain evil and a child is the victim. Is there a general degradation of the meaning of life? Is society so immune because of issues like abortion that people simple don't consider how precious that a life is?

If you are a regular here you know something of my daughter. She is a developmentally delayed child, and isn't quite equal in an academic sense with her peers. We have struggled for years to find a cause and/or diagnosis, but despite some of the best attention from pediatric neurologists, we were told this past week that there is nothing physically wrong with her. (We are now on the hunt for experimental and research oriented programs to continue to pursue a diagnosis). Anyway, my daughter is my heart. I can't even begin to imagine day where I didn't hear her say "Daddy, I need to tell you something", which is her catch phrase for getting my undivided attention. That "something" might just be that she wants a refill on her drink, or it could be that her brother painted the dog purple. Regardless, despite the fact that sometimes I crave absolute silence, my life would end if that silence were permanent.

I do not understand why people hurt children, especially their own. Do me two favors - One, Seek the source of Amber Alerts in your city or state. Sign up for email updates, or cell phone notifications when one happens. It won't clog your email or phone, as the conditions for entering them are rather strict. But please, actively seek the information so that one day, headed home from work, you will see a car that you recognize from your email and a quick phone call will save a child's life.

Two, go to the FBI's list of sex offender registries found here and find out where the sex offenders live in your community. The truth is that many of them do not live where they say they live, or have moved without notifying the proper authorities. However, this is updated regularly, and you can find those that are at least claiming your area as home. You would be amazed how quickly the mind can recall a picture when there is a feeling of something not being quite right. As much time as you spend on the internet, this few minutes is worth every second.

In police work, something around 80% of crimes are solved because of information from an informant or concerned citizen call. This is one area where we could all help.

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Obob said...

The hardest part of teaching is dealing with abusive parents by physical and pyschological means. In another time, there are baseball bats to clam my nerves with kneecaps, but not today. There is rather nasty room in hell waiting for these people, I hope they are forced to listen to Rosie rant. I put the Amber Alert on my blog after seeing at Lawman's

Robert said...

I hear that Air America is broadcast in all the rooms of hell

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I was listening to Neal Boortz the other day and he was on this same subject. He stated that statistically abduction's and child killings are way down but because of the 24/7 news cycle they are better covered thus giving the idea that just the oposite is true.

While it is good to know that they have drooped, personally I would like to see the draw and quarter form of punishment reinstituted for these sick twisted animals that prey on children!

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