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Thursday, March 08, 2007

For My Fellow Newt Gingrich Fans

There are many of us who want Newt to pursue the Presidency. To be quite honest with you, I have no excitement stirring within me over Guliani or Romney or any of the other names that have been tossed around for the GOP nomination in 2008. There isn't a Reagan conservative amongst the lot, and I don't even see many true conservative beliefs among them. I don't want to violate the GOP mantra about not eating ou own, because it does little for the party supposedly, but at this point the party is losing and doesn't get it. We need to become more conservative, and I mean truly conservative, instead of to the middle. I am maddened by how quickly the lessons of Reagan have been forgotten.

So here is the latest data from Real Clear Politics. Newt came in with 10% of those polled, and he hasn't even officially entered the race. NOW IS THE TIME for a grassroots groundswell of Gingrich about it, email him, and commit to working for the campaign!

Those on the left will discount RCP's work and say that it is a conservative platform. Untrue. It averages all of the national polls. The FoxNews poll had Newt at 7%, which was lower than even the CNN poll.

The time is becoming ripe. We need Gingrich to save the party.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I wrote about how the GOP has abandoned Reagan on Sunday and Clear Politics picked up the post. I've listened to Newt several times and it seems that he is biding his time working with a grassroots conservative think tank he organized. He is touring the country showing how the conservative agenda works and gathering more into the fold so to speak. He has mentioned that he will consider an announcement in the fall which could be a good strategy since by this summer all the flak for the 08 race and these early announced candidates will become boredom to the public. If he announces in the fall there will be great interest in what he has to say because it is new news and it could very well give him an advantage and momentum going into the primaries and a possible win heading for the nomination.

Obob said...

He is a very viable candidate. The affair will haunt him for a short span, as will the unproven investigation. I think Newt's greatest enemy will not be himself, but the media. They smell blood, attack and have a vendetta for the Revolution of 1994. Does anyone think he is VP capable.

Robert said...

I think Newt's greatest enemy will the the GOP. I have been saying for almsot 2 years now that they have lost touch with their real base. Maybe that isn't right; it is more like there are too many "bases" in the party, and instead of being positive about Reaganesque conservatism, they have pandered too much to each of these bases and now each of them screams for a different candidate.

I find it really hard to understand how Guliani, as much as I might love the man, is leading the GOP. He has no conservative moral values, and we need mroe than just a hawk. We need someone who can pull these things together, and I think Newt has the ideas to do it.

I also think that he is a political genius. He aired teh affair stry to make it a non-issue when he announces.

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