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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dems Promised Change. Are You Happy Now?

First, about the U.S. Attorney issue. There is no evidence, no smoking gun. nothing but a few angry employees with their opinions. This whole thing is just an attempt to undermine the President, as is all things dems are doing these days.

The dems promised change. They promised a new strategy in Iraq, they promised ethical government, and they promised that they would be a new breath of air in Washington. What they have delivered is nothing new in Iraq, more partisan and quite venomous politics, and air more stale than the GOP delivered the past 12 years.

The dems can't get any legislation passed, for three main reasons. The first is that they declared a mandate for social issues when there was none there. The second is that they presumed a political climate change, when there is none there. Lastly, they presumed that America would whole-heartedly support their attempts at leading a U.S. defeat in Iraq, but they didn't get it.

Americans don't want dems to lead the way in social issues. America understands the morass that dems have brought us to with massive socialism and huge government. Do you know tha a couple of years ago a guy in Louisiana was prohibited from building a farm that would raise a million crawfish a year, because the construction of the facility would have killed 250,000 crawfish? Vote dem for intelligent environmental decisions.

America wants leadership. While it is true that America tires of troop deaths in Iraq, it is because there has been such limited progress. When America unites behind a cause, we cannot be defeated. Unfortunately, half of our government doesn't want victory except in the polls.

Don't allow yourself to be drug into this U.S. Attorney mess. It is dems positioning themselves to once again undermine the administration because they are pouting over the lack of legislation that has been passed. The White House has offered the WH staff for testimony in private, and to turn over documents in private.

Notice the dems decision to seek the truth in a non-media environment? Of course not. They want to make political noise about a non-issue.

Let them keep playing this game. 2008 is closing, and the contenders for the dem nomination are quickly becoming laughingstocks.

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Seth said...

This entire post is right on the money.

The Democrats have a tendency to insult the collective intelligence of the American people by expecting us to take as gospel everything they tell us, even though all but the deaf, dumb and blind, the naive and the stupid can see that reality belies everything they say.

From the Gonzalez to the Plame to the global warming issues, they substitute politically motivated rhetoric for concrete evidence, with an "it's our story, and we're stickin' to it" attitude.

As far as their leading candidates for WH 2008 are concerned, Barak and Hillary, the way they're already floundering is proof enough that neither has a clue as to what the voters want, any real plans for what to do as CEO of the government and neither stands for anything tangible -- shades of Kerry in 2004 -- just the aspiration of being elected President.

"Well, here I am in the Oval Office, now what?"

Robert said...

Barak is in this because he made a good speech at the DNC. I even enjoyed it, although I did not agree with the contents. He is a persuasive speaker.

All Hillary cares about is being the first woman president. The fact that people would vote for someone simply because of their sex is evidence enough of how the dems get away with this horse hockey.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

What the Dems are doing is exactely what I expected when they won. They are notorious for lying their way into office then doing just exactely what they campaigned that they would not do. I've leared over the years that if they are campaigning stating, "they will not, " it actually means , "they will."

I think the Obama's rock star status is because he is something new and NOT the Hildabeast. There are a lot of Dems who dislike her as much as we and will vote for anyone Dem who is NOT her.

I agree with your thoughts that she wants to be the first women but even more so she wants the power. That is why she is SO dangerous. She is power hungry and will use that power to her advantage and the nation be damned!

Obob said...

I have nothing to add, it has been said better than I could

Robert said...

Obob, I am sure that is not true, as you are quite adept at articulating some common sense, usually better than I.

C'mon, if the dems can parrot Michael Moore, surely we can repeat ideas that are obtained individually!

Laurie said...
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