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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today's Conservative Commentary Buffet

This week has already been crazy, and I haven't posted much. Thanks for hanging in there. I have a modest buffet of topics today.

First, Obama has created some angst in the Clinton camp. Apparently the three bigwigs at Hollywood's Dreamworks sponsored a huge 1.3 mil fundraiser for Obama. Two of the three have committed their support to him - Steven Spielberg is uncommitted - and since they worked so hard for Bill Clinton, this is apparently a surprise. The left wing has created themselves a mess. Who are they supposed to support, the racial minority candidate or the gender minority candidate? One one hand they are sexist, and on the other they are bigots. I think this race for the dem nomination will make for some fun spectating. I also think it will divide the party in a manner that impacts their ability to win the race in '08.

Next, the Soviets, oops, I mean the Russians, are threatening to withdraw from the INF treaty because we are deploying missile defense systems in Europe. There will be some wailing from the left about nuclear arms races and how we are destabilizing Europe. I hate to tell them, but Islam is destabilizing Europe, as well as their silly propensity to cower from a fight. Anyway, this withdrawal is a non-issue. There is no benefit for us to engage in another treaty, and they are incapable of deploying anything remotely close to what we possess. Of course, the threat of nuclear weapons will drive European and American negotiators to the table for other, probably economic discussion, but this is much ado about nothing.

If you didn't hear, Brittany Spears shaved her head.

If I were the publicity seeking judge dealing with ANS and the decomposing body, I would take a lesson from the Bible. I would say that the child's inheritance will be placed in front of the judge in cash. The cash will then be cut in half, and split between those who want it. The first one to say "Keep the money, just give me custody of this beautiful child" gets it all. The whole thing is a disgusting circus, and they should all be sent to Gitmo.

The Brits are withdrawing some troops. Another item that means nothing. Don't even participate in the silly arguments about this one.

Last, my wife was sick yesterday and I had to take her to the doc. All is good, but I was too busy last night to post Wednesday's Hero. I will take care of it tonight.

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