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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Isn't Congress A Big Joke Already?

According to a poll at Real Clear Politics, the Congressional approval rating is a paltry 34.8%. RCP averages all of the polls that are available. And the left screams about the President's approval rating?

The founders of this great nation were up against a wall when drafting the constitution. There were two plans presented, the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan. The New Jersey plan proposed a single legislative body with each state granted one vote. The larger states refused this because it did not give their citizens enough voting power. The Virginia plan proposed a bicameral legislature with each state having a vote by apportionment. The small states rejected this because it effectively took away their voice. The solution was the Connecticut Compromise, or the Great Compromise. It established the bicameral legislature we have today, with the Senate being equal among states, and the House of Representatives being apportioned.

The Senate was to be the most deliberative of the two bodies. Many people complain that the Senate moves too slowly, but it was intended to be that way.

Of, enough history. The current Congress has little approval from the people. There are dozens of reasons why, but earmarks, ethical problems, hypocrisy, idiocy, taxes, and childish politics are some of the reasons. Many regard the Congress as a big joke. Apprently, people want more humor. Al "I hate everything that isn't communist" Franken is going to make a run for the senate. Franken has been a huge part of the huge failure that is "Air America", but I guess he needs to expand his audience.

The Senate was supposed to be a place of reason. I know that hasn't been the case of late, but Franken now seeks to be the punchline of a very bad joke.

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Nicho said...

I would comment on Al Franken, but I can't get past your blatant intellectual dishonesty about congress' approval rating.

1.) The Dems have been in control for a whole month.

2.) The approval rating for this month is better than the one that was held by your Republican-controlled Kool-Aid dishing friends.

I'd explain why I'm going to vote for Al Franken, but I'm afraid the Kool-Aid may have affected your ability to be impartial in your judgment.

Dale said...

Testing something.

Dale said...

Rob, I don't think those poll numbers are a result of the Dems' first month but of the general feeling of Americans toward the Congressional institution as a result of the past few years. After all, it's the scandals, the war, the overall "do nothing" attitude from the GOP-controlled Congress and the fact that they basically let the Bush administration get away with just about anything which has left a bad taste in everyone's mouths and why the GOP was drop-kicked out of power in November. And you neglected to point out the fact that 63.3% of those polled felt the country is going in the wrong direction, the poll that was directly beneath the one you cited.

Anonymous said...

Could you have mentioned it was a FOX poll?

I still have issue with the current agenda on the hill, even though it's only been a month, but I'm willing to ride out a few more months before I buy into (even just a little) any poll.

Robert said...

Dale, first a welcome to this place, and please visit often! Dissenting views are welcomed here.

My point wsn't about the polls, it ws about Congress and a slap at Franken. I think that you will find that the numbers of congressional approval haven't varied much in 20 years, and i wsn't suggesting that it was a reflection of the dems this past month.

If you preuse the archives, and if you keep coming here, ou will find that I am a critic of the GOP as well. Not a critic in teh same way you are, but a critic nonetheless.

Robert said...

It wasn't a Fox poll. It is an average of all the available polls on the issue.

Brooke said...

I don't think it really matters who's in charge of Congress. People are pretty pissed about the whole situation on the Hill, and see it as going to hell in a handbasket no matter who's doing the driving.

It would take major, major reform for folks to be happy again. That's not going to happen, because Dems and the GOP are both playing the game.

Dale said...

Robert, I appreciate the fact that you welcome dissenting viewpoints and that you criticize the GOP, which is why I think I would be comfortable returning to this blog often. I'm a big fan of civil discourse and too many other conservative blogs are extremely partisan, which I can't handle. There has to be a meeting in the middle. And I look forward to learning something in the process and perhaps I can teach something as well. My fondest regards!

Robert said...

Dale, I think I need to clarify a couple of First, I define myself as conservative. I am a republican, but only because the GOP is most in line with conservative beliefs. My criticisms of the GOP mostly come in the forms of: lack of conservative principles in a position, ethical stupidity, and lack of common sense. For example, I never supported the impeachment of Clinton. Yes, he commited perjury, and I can understand those who wished to prosecute this because it is a crime. However, we should have spent our time defeating and abusing Clinton in the arena of civil discourse and ideology, not on the front pages over some sexual irellevancy.

So, when the GOP sticks to a conservative principle, then I can be partisan. Most bloggers don't seem to understand the difference between sticking to your guns, and being partisan. In my view, partisan is toeing the party line on every issue, such as supporting the ridiculous waste of time over Clinton's impeachment. Partisanship does not include sticking to principles. And, I am harder on the libs than I am on the GOP, but everyone here will tell you that I do despise idiocy in any form (except my own brand, that is misunderstood

Anyway, you will also find that I virtually always forget to use the spellchecker....I just went back and read the comment I left you and I was suprised anyone can even read it. I constantly promise to do better, but never seem to get it right. I look forward to adding you to the list of regulars!

Dale said...

I think your viewpoint is very sensible, FAR more sensible than conservatives that I know personally and those who have blogs of their own. I can't believe the utter hatred I read on some blogs of some conservatives toward liberals and vice versa. Neither are Nazis and neither deserve to be treated as vermin.

And don't worry about the spelling, too many people who get into political arguments want to point out spelling errors as a reflection of their opponent's intelligence and that's a total waste of time.

I look forward to being a regular visitor. Thanks for the explanation!

mariestwocents said...

I'll still stick to my guns, Liberals (And some Republicans *cough* Chuck Hagel For instance) are a waste of Ogygen at this point!

Meaningless, self screwing, policy makers that they are.

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