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Monday, February 19, 2007

I Find This Funny

From Fox News

'Mud Flap'
You've probably seen mud flaps on trucks with odd sayings or even an outline of a buxom, naked woman. Well, in Arizona, some Democrats in the state legislature wanted to ban any splash guards with "images that are obscene or hateful."
The amendment's sponsor, Representative Ed Ableser said he's seen truck mud flaps with a derogatory term for black children on them and wanted to put a stop to any hateful images.
Democratic State Representative Theresa Ulmer had a different objection — those drawings of naked women. "I personally am tired of explaining to my 11-year old son," she said, "why they are depicted on mud flaps. But not all women are 36D's. He's very confused by that."

As usual, the dems are pathetically whiny. How difficult is it to say"Not all women have large boobs, son." My son is only five and he already understands it. Of course, he is being raised with some defined gender roles and realities of life, too.

Methinks Theresa Ulmer might be a bit jealous of the 36Ds.

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