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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bank Of America Giving Illegals Better Options Than America Citizens

Let me say that I despise credit, and most particularly I despise revolving credit cards. When I was younger, I made the mistake of getting in debt with credit cards because I was young, had no obligations, had great credit, and more time that brains. It took me about 4 years of hard work and deliberate effort to pay off that debt, but I did it and now the only things I finance are my home and vehicles. Student loan debt goes in the category of "investment", but for full disclosure I owe more money than BoA has in their vaults...

Anyway, I do have a credit card now that is only used for emergencies. I know, everyone says this, but it is true for me. The last time I used it was about 3 weeks ago. My bank had informed me that my debit card number had been compromised, and they were sending me a new debit card and cancelling the one in my wallet. Of course, about two days later I had a tire blowout on the way home from work. I put on the donut spare and headed for a tire store. I didn't have a checkbook, so I had to use my credit card. It was an emergency to me.

Anyway, when I got that credit card years ago, I filled out an application that included my social security number. They checked my credit worthiness (not like the credit bureau is competent) and decided on an interest rate for me. Now, BoA is issuing credit cards to illegal aliens without either a credit file or a social security number. The interest rate is higher than what most people might get, but the thing is that they are not having to meet the same requirements as American citizens. I hope that Congress will make this practice illegal. It is bad enough that the government won't stop illegals from entering the country, now we are giving them privileges that are not afforded you or me.

I doubt this happens, though. The republican congress has been too weak to do anything about it, and the dem congress is too busy trying to lose a war.

I think I will enroll in a foreign language course this year so that in a decade or so I can communicate with my elected officials.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

PC toward illegals will continue to weaken this nation and eventually if unchecked will push actual citizens into an almost second class society as all advantages will be offered to illegals.

One of the local Wal Marts in Myrtle Beach remodeled last year and the entire store was fashioned to cater to Mexican's who frequent this particular store more than the other five in the area. Because of the massive home construction industry that is here it is well known that a large number if not majority of them are illegal. Evidenced by the shut down of work for four days last May when it was rumored that INS was checking out work sites. 90% of workers didn't show for work until the all clear was sounded.

Amy P said...

This story is truly appalling. I stopped banking with B of A several years ago because they seemed out of touch with the little guy and out of touch with my values. It's all about capitalizing on the bankee to make a buck.

This proves it, of course. They'll benefit from anyone's $$, whether US citizen, ILLEGAL alien or terrorist. Nice.

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