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Monday, January 08, 2007

Sorry Obob, It Isn't Looking Good For OSU

For those of you who prefer the monotony and mediocrity of professional football, then you can go ahead and click elsewhere...

Tonight is the game, or more specifically, the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game, or something like that. Ohio State University, ranked #1 vs. the Univeristy of Florida, ranked #2. Most of the "experts" expected OSU to walk away with the game.

Here it is at halftime, and Florida is dominating 34-14. I feel bad for you Obob, I truly do. I understand the disappointment of an unsatisfied expectation. This was supposed to be Auburn's year to run away with it, but after a couple of stumbling blocks called Arkansas and Georgia, we finished 11-2 with a Cotton Bowl win. I can't stand Florida. It is a hold over from the Steve Spurrier days. But tonight I have to cheer on the SEC.

Loyalty to my Auburn Tigers forces me to insert here that if Florida wins the national championship, then their one blemish in a 13-1 season is a loss to Auburn.

I know the feeling Obob, of sadness and despair with what could have been. We were almost there, too.

There is still two quarters remaing, who knows what will happen? I will probably not make it to the end, I have been batling bronchitis all week and I am really tired tonight. I might have the goading tables turned on me tomorrow....champions rarely give up.

Good luck Obob, it isn't over yet!

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