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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A New Link To The Left

A new link has been added here, and you can find it under those "I Highly Recommend". It belongs to one of my Marine brothers. I haven't perused everything he has to offer, but he has an active duty perspective and appears to have won an award for one of the top "milblogs". I am not certain what that is yet, but I will soon!

Semper Fi!

3 Posts From Readers:

Marie's Two Cents said...

LOVE your blog!

Thank You for your service to Our Country :-)

Robert said...

Thanks for coming by Marie, and you are always welcome here. We have an open door policy, and encourage return guests!

Kathi said...

One Marine's view IS an awesome blog! And hey, I see you joined the Wednesday Hero blogroll....Welcome! from another member:)

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