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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hillary Has Won Half A Brownie Point From Me

I have neither lost my mind, taken up illegal narcotics, nor will I vote for her under any condition. Let your mind be at ease.

Hillary wins this half point because she has refused to jump on the anti-war bandwagon with the rest of her party. She knows that cut and run is not a strategy, and that it would be a huge mistake to quit. She is also refusing what must be enormous pressure to speak out against the President and his continuing the fight.

She doesn't get the whole point because her motives are not pure. Anti-war candidates, especially those who vote to cut off funds for our military action and therefore make the individual soldiers pay the price of political pillow fights, lose in the end. There is no pilitical future in whining and quiting.

She gets the half point because we are pretty fair and objective around here. We have our own political philosophies, but we at least give credit where do.

Good job, Senator Clinton. I may not agree with your ideology, but I applaud your stand on this matter.

The guy from Massachusetts? You might want to water down his flask before the next microphone is turned on...

3 Posts From Readers:

Laurie said...

The ONLY reason that woman hasn't condemned the latest "plan" is because she's carefully considering political repercussions to any decisions she might make prior to '08. She doesn't have the berries to admit that she made a mistake when she voted for the war in the first place. It's not out of concern for our men and women that she chooses silence; it's concern for her presidential aspirations. I think your kudos are completely undeserved.

Brooke said...

I agree with you on this, Laurie, to a degree. Hillary is merely positioning herself politically at this point.

She knows she cannot win the WH in '08 on an anti-war platform.

Nicho said...

And you conservatives wonder why we Dems don't like her either...

I can't think of one mainstream Dem who would want her to win the '08 primaries. Not one.

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