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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Great Democratic Plan For Iraq Is.....

Two phases. The first is to do nothing. "Analysts say Democrats need to focus on the war in Iraq soon. Democrats plan to tackle the domestic agenda first." What happened to the great need for change, and the only way to change is to vote democrat?

Maybe the second phase is the change they have touted. The second phases is to force a withdrawal by cutting off funds.

"The president has got about a six-month window here and if he doesn't figure this out, how to get us out or start to get us out in six months, then you'll actually see a vote to cut off funds," said Martin Frost, former Texas Democratic representative and Fox News contributor.

For my conservative friends, it is just another blatant and obvious sign of what the demo party is all about: Social Experimentation and furthering socialism. They spent two years decrying the administration's work in Iraq, and how there neded to be a massive change. Now that they have won an election, the priority is social engineering and a cowardly and moronic plan for Iraq.

Keep it up dems, we won't give up our apartment leases in Washington yet, nor return the rented furniture. We will need it again in 2008.

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Nicho said...


Kinda early to be making moving plans, dontcha think? They haven't even gone into session yet and you're calling them a failure. Way to give them a chance, Robert.

Laurie said...

OMG. You've given the Dems a whole 18 hours, Robert? You gave the Republicans 6 years to royally flub up our entire country, as well as others abroad. Care to extend your generosity to others with less disasterous track records?

Obob said...

we gave 40 years prior to the Glorious Republican Revolution of the Blessed Year from the Benevolent Lord Almighty ... 1994.
I ran out of fancy words, they screwed up enough in that 40 year time. With the screaming sheenans and other self entitled twerps, expect plenty of dissention and blaming the Republicans for a failure to succed. Fear not, the GOp plans to rerig the ballot boxes in 08

Robert said...

Laurie, it is only the anti-Bushites who view the country as screwed up.

The GOP controlled congress screwed up royally, but not in the manner that you assert. They screwed up by being too liberal.

I don't recall a massive social agenda being a part of the campaign. I do rememebr a "new strategy" for Iraq being the dominant theme, but that was all smoke, obviously. Cutting off funds is the most junior high school solution I have ever heard.

Nicho said...

Robert said...
I don't recall a massive social agenda being a part of the campaign.

That's because you have a terminal case of selective memory. ;P

Laurie said...

"Laurie, it is only the anti-Bushites who view the country as screwed up."

It's anybody with the sense to think, the ability to use logic who views the country as screwed up.

Robert said...

Hmmm...Since November 2000, I have doubled my annual salary and in addition have been hired as a college instructor part time.

I have purchased a wonderful home at 5.5%, the lowest interest rate in decades.

We live in literally the best school system venue in the state.

I don't have to avoid tall buildings.

I fly when I want without hesitation. (Well, not any more than I had before 9/11)

The sky is a beautiful blue in Alabama.

Auburn beat Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl.

I played basketball with my two youngest yesterday, and my 7 year old daughter made her very first basket.

My dog slept next to my bed last night.

Unemployment is at zero. No, not literally zero, but in economics 4-6% is perfect and healthy for the economy.

Wall Street is humming in high gear, despite the spin from the left.

My retirement accounts have doubled.

I have made friends in the blogosphere, many of them leftists, but they have become friends nonetheless.

Not sure what country you live in, but stop being angry and move to mine! I can't think of a single negative thing at the moment. (I mean, I can, but the in the big picture, life is grand!)

Laurie said...

Perhaps that's the crux of your problems, Robert--you're so involved in your own, blue-skied world that you don't see the suffering of others around you.

Robert said...

Actually, the crux of other people's problems is their suffering. I am happy because I make myself happy, and placed myself in position to take advantage of good economic times.

My tax dollars ar not the solution to someone else's misery. If that were true, why are there still people in poverty despite the billions and billions spent on social programs? The percentae of people on those programs has GROWN since implementation, not decreased.

It would seem that the liberal social agencda has wasted more money than Bush has in Iraq.

Laurie said...

"Actually, the crux of other people's problems is their suffering."

Spoken like a true compassionate conservative. In fact, isn't that scripture? I think it's Matthew 2:18, New Republican Edition.

Robert said...

Laurie, compassion doesn't mean that I have to be miserable along with others. Just because people have problems does not make it incumbent on me to join them. Neither does it mean that I have to spend my entire day dwelling on them and their problems. I prefer to live up to MY responsibilities and dwell on my family.

I have charities that I give to every year. Just because there are people in need does not mean that I want the government to take what I have to help them.

I have never taken a dime from the g-man to get me where I am.

Laurie said...

I never asked you to be miserable. I asked you to sympathize and empathize, if possible, but you've shown you're incabable of doing what your faith requires you to do.

Robert said...

I sympathize with people who have problems. Where do you get that I am not? I give to more than one charity. I have worked and volunteered to help needy children. I support my children in their charitable work. What else do you want to see?

You will never see me supporting government taking from people who have earned it to give to those who haven't.

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