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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For Those Who Want To Ignore Iran

From a private intelligence report (Strategic Forecasting):

Iran's behavior in Iraq is understandable. A stable Iraq under U.S. influence represents a direct threat to Iran, while a fragmented or pro-Iranian Iraq does not. Therefore, the Iranians will do whatever they can to undermine U.S. attempts to create a government in Baghdad. Tehran can use its influence to block a government, but it cannot -- on its own -- create a pro-Iranian one. Therefore, Iran's strategy is to play spoiler and wait for the United States to tire of the unending conflict. Once the Americans leave, the Iranians can pick up the chips on the table. Whether it takes 10 years or 30, the Iranians assume that, in the end, they will win. None of the Arab countries in the region has the power to withstand Iran, and the Turks are unlikely to get into the game.

The end game is obvious, mostly because of what radical Islam confesses to want and the historical situation in the region. I don't understand why so many people choose to remain ignorant and weak. Islam is seeking to rule the world! They want to convert the entire world to Islam, and they don't care how many people they have to kill to do it. In fact, the more they kill, the less they have to actually convert. It is unfortunate that so may in this country no longer care about America winning. They no longer care about America's interests. They simply wish to find all that is bad about America and western civilization. Take the ridiculous comments about how no one was our enemy until we invaded Iraq. I guess I missed the candy and roses that were sent by Al-Qaeda on 9/11.

Iran wants to rule the region. We can't let them do that under any circumstance. We won't convert the mind-numbed and cowardly democrats who wish to end the war by losing it, but we can take action and make sure that 2008 goes the right way. My friends, we must persist, we must take action, and we must win.

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