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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Bastard Is Back!

After a self imposed hiatus to cower from me, the Bastard is back and I have to tell you he is cranky! Geeesh, I swear he was on a 60 day drunk.

Anyway, check out the link on the left. I know some of you read him, but we all know when someone is gone for a while we fade away from reading them. He won't be on daily; life is just too busy for him at the moment, but it is worth a daily click to check his latest.

When you comment, tell him I sent you and maybe one day he will buy me a cold one in a slopchute in North Carolina.

4 Posts From Readers:

Anonymous said...

I have "bar-mat" shooter all ready for you.

Cower? From you? That's the funniest damn thing I've heard in weeks! Ranks right up there with the recent color change on the hill - you know, that new coating of BLUE! ;)

Thanks for the props.

msliberty said...

Thank goodness!

Let the good times commence.

Robert said...

BB, the new change is already providing me with some much need humor. Like the $500 million in earmarks in the newest appropriations bill. I thought I heard somewhere that they were going to do away with those?

Oh, I forgot. I already posted on that lie.

Sorry, I should be taking it easy on your for a few weeks. Sometimes I just can't help myself!

Anonymous said...

You are the last person who should be taking it easy on me - I have absolutly no intention of taking it easy on you >:)

I agree with you on some of this, and I am not happy with the dems at the moment. I'm currently waiting to see if the Secret Service is going to knock on my door, considering me a threat, because of my almost daily e-mails to Senator Webb :D

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