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Friday, January 12, 2007

Anger Is Misdirected

Earlier, I posted my support of "Pizza Patron", a Texas based pizza chain that began accepting Mexcican pesos as payment for its product. This story has garnered some national media attention, and as a result, hate mail and death threats.

Predictably, the mail directs anger at the business for catering to illegal aliens. I don't see it as catering to them. As I mentioned previously, I see it as a business taking the opportunity to expand its customer base.

The anger is misdirected and unproductive. The business is in place to make money, and if they can turn a profit from accepting pesos, why shouldn't they? It isn't as if they are driving people across the border to make them buy their pizza.

If people want to be angry, they should be angry at the government. Those are the people who care catering to illegals, and they are the ones who refuse to put a stop to the crisis that is being ignored. If the government has a hunger for the tax dollars and the votes of illegals, why is it bad for a business to be hungry for their money too?

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Hiya!..well I agree but I also agree that if businesses begin to cater to illegals..the numbers will skyrocket...ugh..lost cause?
Have a great weekend!

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