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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

President Ford Dead at 93

In my opinion, Gerald Ford was one of the most unassuming persons I have ever known to occupy public office. Assuming the Presidency when Richard Nixon resigned, he never sought the office. He occupied the White House during a crucial and somewhat dark period of American history. The Vietnam War, a deteriorating economy, and of course Watergate were the news stories of the day. He managed to keep the country on somewhat even keel.

He also knew that a pardon for Richard Nixon was the only way to restore the country to that even keel. Without it, the country would languish in repetitive news stories about Watergate. He set aside his own interests to do what needed done.

Our prayers here are for his family, and given with thanks for a lifetime of public service.

Semer Fi, and rest in peace, Mr. President.

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Brooke said...

RIP, Pres. Ford.

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