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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Click Here For Idiocy

Political Pistachio: Has our society gotten that out of whack?

I found this at a site of a reader who commented for the first time today! Welcome Douglas, and thanks for the link on your page. After I have perused your blog for a few days, I may link you as well. Your content seems like it will bring me to your spot every day.

I will let you read for yourself, it is political correctness and it amazes me that rational people even entertain such nonsense. I had a similar incident happen with my son when he as three. He had a day care teacher who was young, hot, and very endowed. She came over to babysit one night in a shirt that wasn't slutty, but revealed some cleavage that was never seen in her daily dress. My son met her at the door, got his obligatory hug, and patted her ample breasts and said "Miss N____, I love that shirt." We laughed.

I guess we should have called the police and had him placed into therapy as a possible sex offender. Gotta watch those 3 year olds with hypoeractive libidos.

Please click and be speechless with me.

4 Posts From Readers:

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

thanks for the plug. . .and I truly do enjoy your site.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Aren't kids just great?

Blogger Beta wouldn't let me log in... --Brooke

Obob said...

did you give your son a high five?

Robert said...

Of course I did...I was so jealous....

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