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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Uncommon Valor Is Still A Common Virtue

The Congressional Medal Of Honor will be given posthumously to Cpl. Jason Dunham of Scio, N.Y., who died on April 22, 2004 of wounds he suffered when his patrol was ambushed near the Syrian border.

"He and his men stopped a convoy of cars that were trying to make an escape," Bush said during a speech to dedicate a new Marine museum. "As he moved to search one of the vehicles, an insurgent jumped out and grabbed the corporal by the throat."

During hand-to-hand combat with the insurgent, Dunham called out to his fellow Marines: "No, no, no. Watch his hand!"

"Moments later, an enemy grenade rolled out," Bush said. "Cpl. Dunham did not hesitate. He jumped on the grenade to protect his fellow Marines. He used his helmet and his body to absorb the blast."

Friday would have been Dunham's 25th birthday. The museum dedication came on the 231st anniversary of the establishment of the Marines.

Semper Fi, Mac

I posted before about jumping on grenades. I won't do it this time, but it speaks of the quality of character and love for his men. To jump on a grenade before it detonates, you only have about 2 seconds. It is an instinctive action. God Bless Jason Dunham, and the thousands more like him. For ever action like this that is rewarded, there are hundreds that go unnoticed.

Please check the title link. It is an amazing effort that gives the name and some details of each and every death, and there is a memorial forum for each person. It is extremely touching, and will make your heart soar with pride about the quality of men this nation burdens with duty.

6 Posts From Readers:

Ellie said...

great post. he is truly a hero and deserves all the honors he is given and more. it makes me proud to be an American knowing that he is an American.

Brooke said...

Thank God for Americans like this. I saw two Marines in the mall yesterday collecting toys for kids for Christmas, and couldn't help but think of this hero Marine.

Robert said...

They are all of the same mold, Brooke. There is an old adage that says "Marines - No better friend, no worse enemy." These guys will collet toys for these underpriviedged kids one day (It is called Toys for Tots, I will discuss it more after Thanksgiving!) and cut a throat the next. You see one, you have seen them all!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Hiya Robert..Semper Fi..beautiful tribute!

Brooke said...

Hey, Robert: OT, but if you can, please watch Exposed tonight!

Ellie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Robert!!

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