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Monday, November 27, 2006

Requesting Some Feedback, Please

I am a copycat, using that I took from Brooke at the Neocon Command Center.

I had a playlist, but changed it. You can use it like a media player, and skip between songs if any of you are here long enough to listen.

So, let me know if it is a nice touch, a bad touch, a terrible touch, and what type of music you like to hear when browsing.

Currently, if I remember correctly and they will probbaly change often, the songs are:

Hammer and a Nail - Indigo Girls
Tom Sawyer - Rush
Daughters - John Meyer
Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
Jump - Van Halen
Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas

Jack Johnson, John Meyer, and the Indigo Girls are some of my favorites. The others are particular songs more from my

Please let me know something!

8 Posts From Readers:

Laurie said...

Me no likey those artists. What about some Dave Matthews?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dave Matthews - the BB also likes him some Delta Blues.

Laurie said...

OH! OH! And Nickelback!

Brooke said...

I say put whatever you dig up! It lets us get an idea as to your tastes.

The only thing I wasn't sure about: Do you think the music popping up is annoying to visitors? They CAN stop it if they wish, but I'm still not sure...

Robert said...

Nope. I think it is awesome. The one I had up there was not what I was looking for. It required someone to pick a channel to actually start playing. This one pops up, but can be stopped.

Thanks for being nice about me being a copycat.

msliberty said...

Crap. First there was that stuff at BB's blog...and now we like some of the same music.

Robert said...

You haven't been struck by lightning yet? Pray tell what could be next?

My personal suggestion is that you come out of the conservative closet and help me with the Gingrich campaign....ya know ya want to!

msliberty said...


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