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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Charlie Rangel, Muslim Idiots, and SEC Football

No friends, this is not a session of the GMAT. These things have nothing in common, at least not that I am able to relate today.

Charlie Rangel is a blooming idiot when it comes to understanding America. he said a couple of days ago that our citizens, faced witha choice of a career and military service, will shun the military. This leads to oly the poor and minorities dying in Iraq.

On the face of it, it is absurd. If you look among the officer corps of any service, you will find very educated and bright people. Among the enlisted persons, present company included, you will find people with graduate degrees, law degrees, and other skills that would gain a substantial wage and career ouside the military. He is striving to provide fodder for his anti-war stance. He should be ashamed and embarassed for talking about things for which he doesn't understand. (Pssssst, Charlie! 81% of the deaths in Iraq are caucasian...but don't let facts screw up a good argument.)

The muslims who were kicked off the plane are sueing. For people who hate democracy, they sure have the legal system down to an artform. They engaged in suspicious indicators of terrorism aboard an aircraft. People were uncomfortable. A business made a decision that they were better off flying without them. But Oh MY! They are clerics for goodness sakes! yeah, maybe, but they are clerics of the same religions as the clerics who blessed the jihad against America. {rediction? They sue. They win because our country has it's head up it's butt, and now there is less attnetion paid to Muslims because of the fear of being sued. Then, real terrorists use this lack of attention to attack another aircraft or twelve. At least the feelings of the next 3,000 people who die won't be hurt. And neither will the feelings of those who will kill them.

SEC football. My Auburn Tigers are out of the SEC championship because of an embarassingly miserable and pathetic game against the University of Georgia. We did recover and win number 5 in a row against our most hated nemesis, the University of Alabama. Alabama has never beaten Auburn on their home field, a stretch that goes back to 1898. Bear Bryant is turning over in his grave. (In all fairness, that is only 6 games at home for Alabama. For the better part of a century, they met in Birmingham, supposedly neutral turf. The home-home series began in 1989 when Alabama came to Auburn for the first time ever. They lost, 30-20.) Don't get me wrong, I am not promoting Alabama football. Mike Shula has lost four straight against Auburn, and no matter what is said that is what got him fired. I was hoping they would keep him for another decade.

So, despite the 10-2 year that Alabama had last year, they were 6-6 this year because they are a young team. They lost to Auburn, which has resulted in coaches being fired before. Ray Perkins went 10-1 a decade ago, but the one loss was to Auburn. He was fired. Don't get me wrong, I am not promoting Alabama football.

So Mike Shula is out, and not given a chance to make some changes to his program. The favorites for his job are Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban. The job pays something like $30 mil over 10 years.

Anyone want me to mail them an application?

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Nightmare said...

"Among the enlisted persons, present company included, you will find people with graduate degrees, law degrees, and other skills that would gain a substantial wage and career ouside the military"

Robert, I'm sure that you are right, but I also kno wthat if you lined up all the enlisted men and women the number of educated personnel are maybe 1 in 15. I spent an entire summer working on base and I had a chance to meet a lot of the ground pounders at Ft. Riley and believe you me there are no rhodes scholars over there.

Thanks for the praise and the disagreement, if we all thought alike we would be communists.

Robert said...

Nightmare, I don't dispute that there are average to below average persons in the military, as it relates to their potential for a stellar career. But isn't life like that? Some people bag groceries, some own the grocery store.

What I object to is the wholesale generalization that those whos erve only do it because they have no other options. It isn't true, and it insults those who, like me and many I know, served out of honor and desire to be part of something larger than ourselves.

You are welcome. I hope we can discuss and debate many more things in the future.

Cataphract said...

Robert, what's you major malfunction? Are you comparing enlistment to bagging grocery? That, my enemy, is mighty foolish. Why do you hate the troops so much?

Brooke said...

Cataphract is trolling about: Beware! To him, the art of the metaphor is lost.

Robert said...

I see that Brooke, and declined to even respond.

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