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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Someone Asked, So I Will Answer

Msliberty asked me why I consider liberals the enemy. I will give a few reasons here, and keep in mind that it is not a complete list. I will also say this: Most democrats I know are great people in general. They believe the things they believe and honestly think that they have the best perspective for the country. During Desert Storm, there were democrats next to me squeezing triggers just like us republicans. Just as I distinguish Conservatives from Republicans, I distinguish to some degree liberals from democrats.

Then there are liberals. Liberals are the crowd that:

1) Hates capitalism. They think that because someone works their butts off and is enjoying the fruits of their labor, that they should "give" more and can "afford" to pay huge percentages of their income in taxes. Never mind the principle of free enterprise or property rights.

2) Hates religion. Kids have to fight to say prayers before football games. Any public mention of Christianity is abhorrent, but we should tolerate all other religions. When was the last time that the ACLU challenged Muslims praying in public?

3) Refuse personal responsibility. Look at the Foley scandal. Have the dems raised the roof in wanting a criminal investigation to hold Foley accountable for his actions? NO. But they are driving ethics investigations into Speaker Hastert's knowledge, if any, of the content of the emails. They don't really care about the details, they just want some election time bump from the story. Contrasted to the GOP drive to deal with a President who LIED under one investigated the democratic party over that, jsut one person.

4) Knows little about patriotism. Freedom of speech is absolute. I love it. It is the most important of the rights endowed by our Creator. As my momma used to tell me, just because you can say something, doesn't mean that you need to. Read my previous post about Ted Turner. Then read the Pelosi, Howard Dean, et al., comments about the war in Iraq or the current dealings about North Korea. Tell me these people value America above all others.

5) Attempts the moral high ground over "reproductive rights." They advocate the killing of children. They value the use of birth control over the life of a child.

More another time, but this is enough to get you started.

10 Posts From Readers:

WomanHonorThyself said...

Amen Robert..but trust me you dont want to get me Started!

Robert said...

Thanks for stopping by, Angel. I visited your site and linked you on my list. No reciprocation necessary, unless you just wish to. I am tough skinned, so no feelings will be hurt!

Please do get started...and bring your pees here to get started too!

Brooke said...

Play dirty.

They want the entire GOP thrown into jail, but when they get busted for something, not only do they refuse to resign, they cling to their positions, spouting nonsense like "what the definition of is;is."

Dingy Harry is just the latest example.

Robert said...

For those of you who are new, I have a problem with spellchecker. I forget to use it.

Angel, that should have been "Bring your PEEPS..."

My most humble apologies.

FreeCyprus said...

What I love about my country Canada and about your country is the diversity of opinion.

Western civilization is so strong, than no amount of criticism, from the left or from the right, can destroy it.

In many Islamic countries, if you criticize enough, you die. They are NOT confident that their way of life can withstand any criticism.

Cool site. First time visitor but I shall return.

Laurie said...

On the contrary, Robert. I've been visiting, just not commenting. I also went to your wife's MySpace page as you suggested and read more about your daughter. What an incredibly frustrating situation. (Your wife is beautiful, by the way.)

By the way, Pelosi, Howard Dean, et. al. value America above all others.

The Beltway B@stard said...

It's 2:10, and I'm on the Blog circuit right now - thus my cranky-ness.

I must point out, with regards to #3 - Yes Clinton was investigated by one person, who spent millions approved by many to do it. Clinton was wrong for fibbin under oath, but then again it should have never gone far enough for him to want to lie under oath.

Then there was the whole impeachment part - I believe more than one Rep was in on that waste of time.

Apples and Oranges - two consenting adults v. several irresponsible ones failing to do the right thing under very different circumstances - oh and there is the matter of one party not being consenting adults.

Let's see - man cheating on wife or republicans ducking and weaving because of a pedophile in their ranks. Where should the real concern be! It should be on the here and now!

All of this coming at election time to boot. Simple trading of who gets to deliver a dose of ones own medicine this go around.

Did I really call you a moderate? Should have kept my effing mouth shut;)

Laurie said...

Right there with you, Beltway.

Robert said...

Hey now, be nice. I think I have said before (but if not will do so now) that I was embarassed by the GOP and their persecution of Clinton's affairs (double entendre there, no insult intended). It was a waste of time, money, media, good will, and whatever else you can think of. I was, and still am, a bit miffed that the GOP pursued this when we see now what was waiting for us around the corner.

I wasn't trying to drag Clinton or his issues into the ring, just making an observation about the ways in which the two stories were politically prosecuted.

Laurie, Pelosi, Dean, et al., couldn't give a hoot in hell about America. They care about a "vision" and for their own egos. It isn't exclusively a democratic thing, repubs do it too. But by and large, the dems don't like America and where we stand.

Freecyprus, thanks for dropping by, and please frequent this place often. BB is cranky most of the time, Laurie is my football enemy, but we get along jsut fabulously and have some interesting debates along the way.

My wife would thank you for the compliment, and I agree with your opinion :).

Laurie said...

Oh, right, and Cheney and Bush, with their oil wars, have America's best interests at heart.

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