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Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Deeds For Our Troops

The Beltway Bastard has a great post from October 11th. He is posting some great places where you can go to help our troops. This isn't a post for political comments; just the opposite. It is a place for those of use who support the war to support the troops, and a place for those opposed to the war to support the troops.

These guys and gals usually could care less about the politics. Too often you hear politicians or the media say "Just ask the troops in Iraq what they think of our war." The troops in Iraq could care less about the media or the politicians. They are there to do a job, and you will never find a more dedicated group of people. They WANT to do their job. In fact, they usually wish for less politicians and media, and more freedom to do what must be done.

Forget politics. Forget where they are or where they may go next. There are men there who have never seen their child and know that their family is having financial difficulties. There are men there who need to be at home to help a sick, elderly parent. There are women there who need to be helping a daughter get ready for college.

They put it on the line for us every day. It doesn't matter where or when, it doesn't matter if you agree. What matters is that all of us know what they do for us. Go to BB's site and see if you can help. If everyone who reads my blog gave $5.00,well, we would collect about $25.00 including mine. But if everyone in the country gave $5.00, our troops would never have to worry about families again.

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The Beltway B@stard said...

Thanks Robert! and another huge thanks for the Semper Fi to PO2 Monsoor!

The links to those post will be in my side bar after my next update. So don't neglect people. Whether you believe it or not, you walk freely because of their sacrafices through history.

I may have joked with you Robert, about being able to comment again. But I do value your point of view at my sight. You ok moderate you;)

Brooke said...

Thanks for the link, Robert! I'm honored! I'll reciprocate, probably tomorrow, when I have the attention span to get into my template, and I'll start popping by your blog.

It's a great read!

There are lots of ways to donate to our fighting men, and any little bit helps.

Robert said...

No reciprocation is expected Brooke...I post links of interesting blogs and/or interesting people. I actually have a couple more I need to add, but liked what I saw immediately.

Drop by anytime...I could use some help!

Truth-Pain said...

I was trying to link to your wife's my space site to comment on your lovely daughter's fight.... but got lost in translation :) i will try again later. Im glad you found Brooke. She is awesome.

Robert said...

Try that, TP

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