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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Conservatives Can Save November

This post is for my conservative and/or republican friends. The rest of you go away :)

November is right around the corner. Conventional wisdom, as well as my personal, amateur analysis, tells of a real whipping in a few weeks. I have been saying for almost a year that it was coming, and that it was our own fault. We can save it, but we have to start acting NOW.

Look, we deserve to lose. If all other things were equal, we would get pounded and the dems would have their way with the country for the next decade. But things are not equal. The next decade isn't about civil rights, or medicare, or taxes. It is about safety and security and America. I know, the party has lost its way, stepping from the path of conservatism and going so far astray that on fiscal issues you can't tell a difference between jackasses and elephants. We are losing the moral high ground because of Abramoff, and Foley, and traitors at the CIA who release info all the time.

We have squandered the Gingrich revolution from '94, we have slapped the face of Goldwater and Reagan. We have been in charge and have virtually nothing to show for it.

But there is some slim hope...the polls show that 61% of those polled like their representative or senator. In 2004, there were more republicans in some mostly blue districts than thought. It is not coming down to how Hastert handled the Foley mess, it is going to come down to turn-out. Thats right, the election will be decided by how many republicans actually get out and vote. We have to make our friends leave their house or job and cast a vote. We have to shout from the mountaintops that we need huge numbers at the voting booth.

I am disheartened by the GOP. I am angry at the entire mob of them. I wish I could send each and every one of them home, with a couple of exceptions. My conscience won't let me do it. Democrats refuse to acknowledge the threats to America, and will refuse to fight terrorism. They are more concerned over the rights of these heathens than they are about my little girl's right to live (big surprise, huh? If she had been aborted that would have been alright, too).

Despite our deserving a landslide against us, we can't afford to lose. Do your part, encourage others to do their individual part, and then we can go to work bringing back our principles.

7 Posts From Readers:

Brooke said...

It's really getting to be the lesser of two evils, isn't it?

Sad. The GOP is today what the Dems were 50 years ago. The rough thing is, as good as Reagan was with foreign policy, he sucked as badly as Bush with immigration.

The Senate is a total shame. Eight years, and we've got precious little to show. They don't get that the best defense is a good offense.

I tell ya', we need a REAL NeoCon in the big chair, and in the Senate.

Robert said...

Reagan didn't do much about immigration, but it wasn't the problem in 1980 that it is today. Also, we didn't have to worry about dity bombs coming across the border in 1980. Besides, he was a little occupied with the whole cold war/SDI/restructure Europe

Yes, a real conservative is what we need. We also need republicans, if they want to carry the banner of conservatism, to act like conservatives. We lose when we get away from our principles, and that is what has happened. For many, they thought the war was over when we won.

Laurie said...

Oh, God, a neocon in the "big chair." I shudder with absolute fear.

Truth-Pain said...

I wish I could throw you a bone... but your diatribe spells pretty much what I have been bellowing out for the past 6 monts. The Neo-cons are conservative only in name,... nothing more.

Ellie said...

REAL conservatives are much better than what we have today. In the 2004 election I think most people went to the polls voting for whoever they thought would be the least bad. instead of voting for the candidate they truly believed in.

I think the dems are going to get the house. and hopefully we can get the senate too. I agree, repubs deserve to lose. folay is a disgrace not only to republicans but to all americans. things like that shouldn't be happening in this country and its disgusting that they are and that nothing is done about it.

i'm going to start blogging again. I dont' think I have enough time, but I love it and I'll manage to squeeze it in some how. :)

Robert said...

Ellie, I wish you would b log, it gives me someone else to harass:-)

Seriously, there is no minimum required time to blog. Some days I post, others I don't. Just blog when you have the time. I drop in virtually every day just to check.

Robert said...

Ellie, I wish you would blog, it gives me someone else to harass:-)

Seriously, there is no minimum required time to blog. Some days I post, others I don't. Just blog when you have the time. I drop in virtually every day just to check.

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