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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Roundup of Several Items

So I take a long weekend, and then go back to work on Tuesday. It is amazing how much energy it takes to conquer the in-basket when you return from some time off. Could I please take another one?

A couple of interesting items in the past few days. First, the massive oil discovery in the Gulf. While I encourage the development of alternative fuels - because at some point in time oil will be more scarce than it obviously is today - I also realize that we have to deal with the reality of today as well. This find could impact the world oil market and drive gas prices down to where we find them palatable. Of course, it won't happen for a decade, and it won't happen at all if we don't run over the enviro-faschists (my word, like it?) and build some refinement capability.

Next is the President's new campaign to get out more information on the GWOT and Iraq. It seems that yesterday's move to transfer 14 terrorists to DoD control is some appeasement of European concerns. We will see. Hopefully, Congress will soon pass some legislation enabling military tribunals to continue.

Lastly for today - One of my daughters turned 16 a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure I am going to survive the next couple of years. Between boys, her girl hormones and the drama of high school, I am considering copious amounts of alcohol or illegal substances to get me through. Any suggestions?

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Nicho said...

Robert: (my word, like it?)

No. And I don't think I even qualify for the definition you have, either.

Just because someone's viewpoint on the importance of the environment happens to be different from yours, that doesn't automatically qualify them for the faschist label.

Now Bush appointing former lobbyists for the polluters of specific pieces of the environment to head departments that are mandated to protect those pieces of the environment may qualify for anti-enviro-faschim...but I just call it wrong.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It (the gulf find) will certainly have some sort of an impact, although the timing seems suspicious, but that's just my tinfoil hat speaking as a result of being lied to constantly for six years. But the immediate problem isn't so much a lack of oil in the ground, as it is refining capabilities. Check out when the last new refinery was built. These babies aren't built in a week, either. Therein lies the American OPEC. Ships lie off the coast of California for weeks, unable to unload, because there's no storage space. And there's no storage because we're not refining.

And Enviro-whatthehellever. If you want to be a Limbaugh soundalike, I guess. I had you figured at least a notch above that lying drug addict.

I am considering copious amounts of alcohol or illegal substances to get me through. Any suggestions?
Yes. Live long enough to exact your revenge.:) "Kiss Grandpa goodbye now, we're going home" will sound like music to your ears, not to mention the chorus's of "My God, if I'd had any idea!!"

Robert said...

Chill guys! The enviro-faschist remark was just in fun. There is neither race nor religion involved in the left wing environmental lunatic fringe (like the ELF, I am not talking about those who want clean water) so it can't be fascism.

I plan on it Future...I plan n having nothing but sugar and caffiene in my house when I have grandkids...Not a vegetable in sight!

And you are right about the refining. I mean, there is a huge demand issue as well, but we could be drowning in it and there would still be no place to make gasoline. That is the left wing that I am talking about. The ones who won't let us build a damn refinery or nuclear power plant, yet still complain when they have to pay $3 for gas.

Obob said...

the new oil find will bring down gas prices even more
the moved terrorists will provide saftey from scrutinity, agree
and teenage daughter, i have at least two more presidential elections to worry about it, but I'm already stockpiling on munitions and sedatives

Robert said...

Obob, might we go together and geta bulk purchase discount? I have two more daughters behind her....a well as a 5 year old son!

The Beltway B!tch said...

I can't help but see the irony that more oil is found off the coast of Louisiana a year after Hurricane Katrina.
The same area that could have suffered far less damage had the wet lands been in place. The same wet lands that have been destroyed due in part to gas and oil development.
Gov. Blanco had threatened earlier this year to block future offshore oil leases unless Louisiana can get a bigger share of the dollars to help restore what has been damaged.
Perhaps being environmentally conscious is not just about hugging trees - but protecting living human beings too.

as for your 16 year old - I eventually began talking to my Dad again. you have about 3-4 years of drama - then it should be all good.

Robert said...

I was 16 once too, and remember the basics. However, what I know about 16 year old girls is exactly what I want to prevent others from learning!

I had two brothers, no sisters. I was behind the power curve on understnading women from day one....

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