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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Requesting Information

Over at Morning Martini, Patricia is railing against the interpretation of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention. I have been verbally assaulted and called names because I posted on this topic. Apparently because I have a differing opinion I am not a "real vet." It is amazing to me how libs will bow before a conservative when one agrees with them, but demonizes them when they don't. A little intellectual honesty would at least listen to an opinion without the juvenile name calling. But enough of that or someone will think that my itsy bitsy feeling were hurt.

So I am trying to get some information from those who oppose us interrogating terrorists. Despite my repeated, failed attempts at getting an alternative strategery for Iraq I am soliciting opinions about this subject. The question is:

What are acceptable tactics for interrogation of enemy combatants?

So the responses I am looking for have nothing to do with how bad Bush is or how bad someone lied, or the validity of secret prisons or anything else. If you actually have an opinion that is something other than "I Hate Bush" please offer it here.

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TM said...

I've been away for a while, so I thought I'd bring you something you might like.

Torture Debate

The Beltway B@stard said...

The proper way to intellectually stimulate a enemy combatant to speak, is without my/the publics knowledge.

Been 10-7 for a bit - will be off and on for a few weeks, but I did manage a very short post tonight.

Robert said...

Nothing wrong with break, BB. Just didn't know if something had happened...Glad to see you return!

TM, gonna check it out in just a minute.

Robert said...

BB, I agree completely. Some thigns people just don't need to know. After all, sometimes that dog is all over the city and you have no choice but to slam on the brakes.

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