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Monday, September 18, 2006

Auburn Is On The Way!!!!! (Sorry Laurie)

Auburn University was dear to my heart for many years before I did my grad work there. Known as the "Loveliest Village on the Plains", Auburn is 150 years old this year, and has a grand reputation for academics as well as athletics. In the State of Alabama, football is the most popular religion next to Southern Baptist. One must declare allegiance to either Auburn University or the University of Alabama before adulthood, or have your birth certificate nullified.

Auburn has one national championship in football from 1957. In 1983 Texas was our only defeat, in 1993 we were undefeated but on probation, and in 2004 we were undefeated yet left out of the BCS contention because of two other undefeated teams. We barely beat Laurie's LSU Tigers this past Saturday, and have a tough season ahead with Florida, Georgia (or jaaww-ja), and Alabama. But this may be the strongest Auburn team ever. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that LSU was #6, and two of the three biggest rivalries are also top ten at this point. Lots of nail-biting and cursing in my football future.....

1. Ohio State (59) 3-0 1,617
2. AUBURN (2) 3-0 1,507
3. USC (2) 2-0 1,494
4. West Virginia (2) 3-0 1,419
5. Florida 3-0 1,350
6. Michigan 3-0 1,297
7. Texas 2-1 1,180
8. Louisville 3-0 1,121
9. Georgia 3-0 1,105
10. LSU 2-1 1,085

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