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Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Can Be Made of the Foiled Terror Plot?

Outstanding work by a large team effort. I won't recap the news, as we have all been inundated with it today, but at least 1800 lives were saved. Still, out there in wacko blogland, the lefties are already carping about how the "elections must be near". implying that this was staged ro something. Pathetic.

The U.K. has a problem. If you notice, no terror group from the traditional countries have mounted an attack since 9/11. That is largely due to Bush's strategy of fighting themn there instead of here. He has done a tremendous job in protecting the U.S.

The latest terror attacks have come from inside non-muslim countries. Madrid in 2004, London in 2005, and this latest attack that involved scores of people and originated in London, as best is known at the moment. This is a growing trend, and it seems that these "homegrown" groups are able to mount about one major operation per year.

I think what we see next is homegrown U.S. terrorists carrying out smaller attacks in America. Their traditional methods of suicide bombs and IED attacks would hit us hard. Since the skies above us are safe, they have to turn to something else.

What do you think America will do when there are suicide bombers at our malls and daycare locations? Truck bombs at high schools...Truck bombs at rush hour on the Golden Gate Bridge...Grenade attacks at college football games. What will we do, and how will the political landscape change?

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The Beltway B@stard said...

I didn't see to many comments regarding this as a political move because of elections, but what I did hear/see pissed me off today.

It was also not the first thing this lefty thought of - but then again, I am in a position that grants me a broader perspective. I admire and appreciate the investigative work that foiled this attack.

I also understand, that it is rare for the positives to be reported by the media, as they like to cover mostly the negatives. But then again, the positives don't get reported regularly in the interest of security. That is well justified and I wish some people would remember that there are many more positives to go with the over-reported negatives. We just can't always know about them.

None of this has changed my position on the right. But it does have me worked up over those who want to use it to gain an advantage over the other, on either side.

I wish the politicos and the public would simply look at it for what it is - a job well done by Scotland Yard - GOOD PURE POLICE WORK.

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