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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New Look, But Not By Choice

I logged on to catch up on comments last night, and the entire blog was gone. I have no idea if it was hacked, or if the crew got drunk and poured beer in the server, or what.

So, some things are missing, links I added yesterday are gone, and I am generally in a really bad mood about it.

I will try to fix it today, so stick with me if it changes from minute to minute.

3 Posts From Readers:

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Really sorry to hear of your bad luck. I haven't lost my entire blog (yet), but I routinely lose archives. Google's image is rapidly tarnishing with me. You might try emailing them. I did....never got an answer back.

Robert said...

I have aso emailed them on two occasions...I never heard a word.

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