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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Leadership - America's Dying Resource

How is leadership defined? I guess it depends on the perspective of the definer. It has been said that leadership is the ability to rally people to sacrifice their personal needs for the success of an organization. It can also be described as the fortitude to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences. The Marine Corps has 11 Leadership Principles and 14 Leadership Traits. They are also taught at the Wharton School, and have served the Marines well for 230 years.

Rudi Gulliani was a leader after 9/11. America has a long tradition of leadership - Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Roosevelt (2), Eisenhower, Gates, JFK, Reagan, Puller, Henry Ford - All kinds of industries and governmental figures. Reagan, for example, challenged Gorbachev to "...tear down this wall" and called the USSR an "evil empire." The world gasped, thinking that his big mouth had just started WWIII. He did it with full faith and confidence in the US.

One thing leadership is not, and that is the making of decisions to cover your butt at a later date. The District Attorney of Boulder, Colorado did this very thing last week. The death of Jon Benet Ramsey is a terrible thing. Anytime a child is involved with some wacko pervert, we should all be angry. But D.A. Lacy made a decision to spend enormous amounts of money, the emotions of millions of people, and the attention of the world when she made an arrest of Mark Karr. I said in an earlier post that he wasn't guilty, and I still think that.

Lacy made a "just in case" decision. From a criminal justice perspective, a field in which I am a professional, she made a poor decision regardless of those who would support her. There was no evidence, outside of his inaccurate and ridiculous confession, that Karr committed this murder. A DNA test could have been conducted without him even knowing about it.

In government (which we pay for every dad blamed day that we work) we have a right to expect people to make sound, intelligent decisions. Decisions that benefit the GENERAL WELFARE of the people. She just didn't want a legacy that included letting him be free if he was actually the guy.

Of course, now I have the face of one more person that I will shoot on sight should he ever come near my daughter.

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The Beltway B@stard said...

The country is clearly divided, the media propagates it more and too many people go about their normal business on election days, rather than vote.

To truly see where we stand, and what the majority of the population really wants, we need to enact a "compulsory voting" law similar to what the Aussie's have.

As for Ramsey, well I commented on that too - DNA was not even needed - a simple interrogation to determine if he had/knew facts not available to the general public would have sufficed, and could have been done before he was even brought back to the states. I agree, big thumbs down to the Boulder DA too.

Finally, I like the new colors - just back up your template to word pad or something and you don't have to do that every day, just when you make changes - I don't think you were hacked though, just the usual suspects at blogger probably.

Robert said...

BB, it is true that a simple interview would have sufficed--for you and me. I mentioned DNA specifically because it could have been gotten from a coffee cup or a glass or from his trash, and he never would have known. I said DNA because of the typical America juror and the media. Since a videotape of a crime, followed by DNA is about the only way to get a conviction, this would have satisfied far more quickly than an interview.

Thanks about the colors...It is growing on me. I am not popular enough to be hacked

I don't know about a compulsory law. I am really of the opinion that fewer people need to vote, not more.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You Wrote:
I am really of the opinion that fewer people need to vote, not more. Would you mind giving your reasoning for that?

And I am honored with your mention of my blog in your "I read's." However, I have never said or intimated that I hate YOU. Just your ideas that are so full of......"stuff":) So if you'd be inclined to fix that falsehood I'd be grateful.

And the colors are indeed nice.:)

Robert said...

I will be happy to fix the label, but it was meant in a fun way, not a serious one. I am learning that my particular brand of sarcastic humor does not translate into cberspace very well....

Briefly, and then I am on to bed and may add to it tomorrow, I think that the right to vote is an awesome responsibility. Too many people go to the polls because they feel obligated. They cat votes based on a soundbite or on a friends recommendation. They have no idea what they are doing.

It is an off the cuff remark. I don't advocate a test or anthing (Besides, most people would fail anthing even basic about politics and history). I jsut wish people would educate themselves before casting a vote.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

HELP! I need a Doctor, and now! I actually agree with you. "Doctor, will this fever go much higher?" :)

Put the "Robert Hater" back if you wish. Certainly no offense was taken. My sense of "funny" all too often gets lost in translation as well. I kinda like being somebody's favorite!

And thanks for the explanation.

Laurie said...


Robert said...

LMAO Laurie....

If anyone is wondering, go check out Laurie's blog, Defiance. It is linked on the right.

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