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Monday, July 17, 2006

Hezbollah Is Giving Us a Great Opportunity

The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) has never been about only al-Queda or bin Laden or 9/11. It is about the use of violence against innocent people in order to force a change in governments or changes in policy. You know, throughout my whole life when someone told me that I couldn't do something, I proved them wrong. When someone did something in an attempt to make me quit, it just made me more determined to succeed. You would think that 9/11 would have strengthened the world's resolve to eliminate terrorists. Since then there have been multiple attacks in Russia, London, Madrid, and India, yet there are still countries and of course, the left wing in America, who think we shouldn't fight this terror on all possible fronts.

Iran and Hezbollah are giving Israel and the U.S. an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to eradicate one of the most violent terrorist groups in the Middle East. Israel should hammer Hezbollah until they cry "Uncle Mohammad" and then keep doing it for another week or so.

These people, including Syria, Iraq, al-Queda, and all of the other individual radical groups want the destruction of Israel. For 50 years there has been war in Israel. The world says "Give up this and we will see peace", and the groups say "We want a homeland, thats all". So Israel gives up land and negotiates and compromises and appeases and there is still the same violence from 50 years ago. It is time we did something differently. Israel should be even more determined to eradicate Hezbollah, and the U.S. should be prepared to tackle Syria head on very soon.

Iran will follow quickly.

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Ellie said...

so, let me get this strait, we want to fight against terrorists who kill innocent people and we do this in a way that will kill even more innocent poeple?? 100,000 Iraqi's have been killed. I don't think every single one of them was an insurgent.

So, you want Israel to eradicate Hezbollah, fight Syria and fight Iran? meaning, US and israel versus syria, Iran, Iraq and Palestine. This could turn into WWIII. think of all the people that would die if that were to happen?? Look at all the people who died in WWII.

as for my views on Israel, first of all I don't think the should be there. They uprooted palestinians who had been in the area for 1,000 years. True they were there first, but then they left. Say I leave my house and someone comes in and starts to live there. If I come back in a week I have the right to kick them out, yes I'd even encourage kicking them to the curb. but, if I'm gone for ten years and the house is vacant and I have no intention of returning then when I return and kick them out it's wrong. Also, I feel that Israel always hits too hard in response to an action. one soldier was kidnaped so they held 64 members of hamas in parliament in custody. that's ridiculous.

you say bomb the hell out of Hezbollah, just remember that they are human beings and that there are human beings in the area being bombed who are totally innocent. they have no right to lose their lives.

Robert said...

Ellie, no one is proposing the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians, But set aside this touchy feely liberal mindset of world citizenship and think about the big picture. And by the way, where do you get this thing about 100K Iraqis killed by US forces? Does ABC personally count each body?

It already is WWIII. The terrorist philosophy is committing violent acts in dozens of countries. The people of Iran, Palestine, and Syria support their governments actions. What are we supposed to do, and what are the Israelis supposed to do? Ignore the fact that there are people who want to destroy their country? Maybe jsut give them the country and all jews should commit suicide so that Islamic faschists won't kill anyone else. That sound like the answer?

The answer is to eradicate and WIN against the terrorists.

They shouldn't be there? The jewish people had that land since practically the beginning of time. Not to mention that under International Law, as defined by the UN that the left lvoes so much, recognizes Israel as the lawful country to occupy that land. So Israel should only be allowed to keep one prisoner for each one that Hezbollah takes? Let me see...

So, we should stop all battles at the point that each side has lost the same number of lives. After Pearl Harbor, we should have stopped at Midway? In Korea, we should have just stopped about halfway in South Korea? Germany in WWII, e should have stopped halfway through liberating France to make sure we didn't kill any more Germans, and to hell with it, they can kee whatever they have?

If that standard were in place in Desert Storm, Iraq would have kep Kuwait, because we would ave stopped about 2 days into the war.

Hamas is a terorrist organization. They should have taken the 64 members and sent them to Gitmo.

pissed off patricia said...

"It is about the use of violence against innocent people in order to force a change in governments or changes in policy."

Sounds like our invasion of Iraq. We went there with an army to change their government and change their policy. Innocent people were killed as a part of making that change.

Robert said...

Welcome Patricia, and please do come back often! Between all of our sites, we enjoy some interesting and reasonable debates.

Might we stop comparing everything that happens in the world to Iraq? Innocent people die in war, and it has been that way since...well, the very first war. One of the key differences, although you know this already, is that we are not TARGETING innocents. The use of suiced bombers and IEDs are indescriminate, and terrorists specifically target thoe who cannot stop them.

There will be other government changes in this war. We must change the governments of Syria, Iran, and North Korea. As Dr. Martin L. King said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

For the first time, Islamic countries are siding with Israel. Well, that is a bit of a stretch, but they have condemned Hezbollah for this latest violence. There is a momentum shift in the region, and it is largely due to the emerging democracy in Iraq and the fanatical terrorism that threatens everyone. In fact, a nuclear armed Iran, who is one with North Korea, scares the daylights out of all the other countries in the region. They have as much to lose as we do.

Robert said...
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coldH2O said...

I would hope that you are never visiting a country that has been attacked by another country & have no way out. It would seem reasonable to me that our government has a RESPONSIBILITY to aide is citizens at no cost in the case of a war, for the love of all that's pure & decent. Oh, I forgot, we have a President who believes responsibility is for the riff-raff, not the upstanding people like himself.

Robert said...

Cold, welcome to you too! Please come often and post whenever you like.

I agree with the responsibility to aid citizens in Lebanon. I just don't see why everyone is up in arms about the cost. It is the same as if they got on a plane and flew home.

We are exercising the responsiblity. More than likely, in the next few days there will be Americans taken hostage. The sooner they are out the better.

Ellie said...

And by the way, where do you get this thing about 100K Iraqis killed by US forces? Does ABC personally count each body?

that's from the lancet survey. I shall find the link and post it over here tomorrow or maybe the next day. it's on one of the comments over at my place, i'll have to sift through. why pick on ABC??

right now i'm reading through my blogroll and i'm going to post my thoughts on lebanon/israel over at my place.

I don't think that the casualties should be exactly equal, after all that'd be pretty damn hard to do. but nonetheless they should be somewhat the same. on larry king a few days ago they said that there were 330 lebanese killed and 11 HUNDRED wounded. and there were a grand total of 15 israeli's killed and 16 wounded. now i'm not looking for exact numbers but I think you;ll agree with me that that's very unbalanced.

have you seen any of the pictures of people wounded and bloody? I found this great site from inside lebanon that i'm going to link in a post in a bit. there are homevideos of bombings, it shows the lebanese side of things. I see your argument, but people are losing their lives. innocent people. if the head of the gambino crime family is hiding in my basement and the cops blow up my house and kill me and my dog then they will be brought to trial. and rightly so, after all my dog's life is valuable! serioulsy though, just because a terrorist is nearby doesn't mean that they can kill all the surrounding people that get in the way. and over at that site I mentioned earlier the man said that he didn't get any of those nice little pamphlets telling people to evacuate.

okay, I meant to make this comment short. i obviously failed at that. anyways more over at my place. i'll post later, if I don't crash before then. that last cup of coffee is starting to wear off... :)

Robert said...

Try this one Ellie...You are at home with your family. The next door neighbor wants part of your yard and you say no. You, your spouse, and your kids are in the par tof the yard the next day playing ball. Neighbor walks up and slaps your kid. You slap him back, and then the police come and mediate a compromise. You give up 2 feet of your yard to neighbor.

Then, the neighbor on the other side wants the same thing. So they assault your family to get it. This continues for years and years.

Finally, you give up yard to both of your neighbors, because the rest of the neighborhood is wanting you to do it to make peace. After a couple of months of realtive peace, the neighbors again assault your family and want more of your yard.

What do you do? Stand in the middle of the yard and trade blows? Or maybe you should settle the matter once and for all, and let them know that you won't be bullied anymore.

The pattern repeats itself, and this time there has been a radical change in the way things are happening. There have been peace accords after agreements after resolutions, and Hezbollah breaks them each time, and when they do, Israel is pressured to make concessions to the people who started it in the first place.

Israel has had enough, and realize that even after giving up everything that supposedly has been the last thing for peace, violence erupts again.

andi said...

dear Robert,

this is late, but i'll respond anyway. if i love my kids, i'm selling my property and getting the heck out of dodge. then again, i'm not exactly attached to my land, and i know i could find somewhere else to go.

i don't suggest that as a course of action for israel - it's evident that they want a homeland. but i can't see why i'd even want to live in the neighborhood. land doesn't mean much to me, but my daughter absolutely does. i'm not risking her getting caught by a stray bullet because of someone else's lunacy. i don't care who started what, or whose daddy killed whose brother - i'm out.

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