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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Uncertain Messages in June Primary Outcomes

The primary results showed uncertain messages from across the country yesterday. First, Brian Bilbray, the GOP winner for Duke Cummingham's seat, won a race that saw millions spent on both sides. This race was billed as the bellweather for the November elections. Immigration was a big issue in this race, with the dem siding with amnesty, and Bilbray wanting to secure the border first. The dems thought this was going to send a ripple in the political waters, but it did not. I personally am not surprised...It is a republican district in a state with a strong republican governor.

In Alabama, incumbent GOP governor defeated a challenge from Roy Moore by a substantial margin. The dem primary in Alabama saw Lucy Baxley defeat soon to be felon Don Siegleman.

While the Amendment to protect marriage failed in the Senate, Alabama voters chose to ban gay marriages in the state by vote of 80% to 20%.

I don't think either party gets much relief from the results yesterday. I hope that the republicans realize that they have to change what they have been doing the past two years.

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