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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Senate Defeats Both Defeatist Bills

The Senate has defeated both of these bills that would be tantamount to admitting a U.S. defeat in Iraq.

The Kerry Amendment, which was a binding measure, would have required that U.S. troops begin pulling out immediately. It was defeated 86-13. The surprising, or maybe not, part is that 13 dems agreed with this clown.

The second measure, sponsored by Carl Levin, was a non-binding measure and I was actually bored enough with the nonsense to forget exactly when he wanted to admit defeat, but I think it was next summer. Anyway, this one was defeated 60-39.

Yes, 39 democrats voted to dishonor those who serve, and dishonor those who have died, and take their ball and go home because they don't like the quarterback from the other side.

Even as al-Qaeda is almost defeated, even after we have found the WMDs that the liberals have been screaming about, and even after the brutal murders of two U.S. Army soldiers, they want to quit.

Congrats to the GOP for effectively putting the dems on the spot. The dems are divided on this issue, and could not come to a consensus as to which measure to support. It strengthens the GOP position, and assures a weaker dem chance for a turnover in November.

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