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Friday, June 02, 2006

President Bush Reaches Out to His Base

This story deserves comments on two fronts. 1) The analysis of the base on the republican side, and 2) the issue itself.

First, the GOP is in trouble. For some reason, republicans have stopped being conservative and are trying to pacify the left. Republicans simply haven't learned that they are their best when they stick to their conservative principles. Lately, they have forgotten, or either abandoned, those principles. Immigration and government spending are two issues where the GOP is faltering. The immigration issue alone is maddening to the majority of Americans. Notice I did nto say the majority of republicans, I said AMERICANS. It is nt often that this country is unified on an issue. Immigration is something that affects every citizen, and the populace gets it. The President and the GOP does not. THis issue is one that is important to conservatives, but support on this issue does not repair the damage done over the last 2 years. The GOP better get it together, or a libertarian or other 3rd party candidate will assure a democrat win in 2008.

Second, the issue itself. It isn't complicated, and it isn't based in hatred or any of the ridiculous charges from the left. It is based on preservation of morals and of social structure. I know, the Constitution has been interpreted to mean that everyone is the same as everyone else. That is true under the law, but not to everyone's personal mores. Homosexuals have the same rights to get married as I do, provided that they want to marry someone of the opposite sex. Marriage as a religious and social construct has historically meant to be between a man and a woman. If there is to be some social structure for homosexuals, then so be it. Conservatives don't want that equated with marriage.

Society recognizes marriage as a healthy relationship. Society also has the expectation that couples will procreate to guarantee the preservation of that society. This can't be done with homosexual couplings. It isn't hate, as I don't hate anyone. It is to remember the history of every great civilization - each one was destroyed from within, and because of a degredation of good social order.

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Jake Porter said...

The GOP better get it together, or a libertarian or other 3rd party candidate will assure a democrat win in 2008.

I think we can take away votes from the Democrats also. They supported the Iraq War.

Robert said...

The 3rd party will, of course, take votes from the dems. The libertarian party is playing too deep in right field for the mainstream. I am very conservative, obviously, but the libertarians are so far right they are almost left....

Robert said...
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Anonymous said...

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