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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Personal Responsibility to Decide

Politics. To many, it is an annoyance that happens every four years, pre-empting their network shows. To others, it is a 365 day spectator sport. Unfortunately, there are more of the former than the later.

The people of Alabama face a choice tomorrow. The incumbent governor, Bob Reilly, is facing a challenger by the name of Roy Moore. Moore is Judge Roy Moore, who is known nationally for the battle of the Ten Commandments a few years ago. Moore installed a monument in the Alabama Supreme Court building, and a legal battle followed where he lost.

Putting aside the issue of the monument for a moment, look at the two candidates. Bob Reilly was elected as a Republican, and during his first year propsed an income tax increase for the state, which failed. He had campaigned as anti-tax. He has accepted untold amounts of PAC money, and has made no progress to protecting Alabama citizens in the area of imminent domain. Alabama has a budget surplus this year of about $500 million. The surplus was predictable, as there were some revenue streams that came online this year. However, Reilly has claimed it was due to his fiscal policy. I am not sure which policy that is - The anti-tax platform that he abandoned, or the failed tax increase that he proposed?

Moore, a lifelong conservative, has accepted NO PAC money. Not a single dollar. Moore has stood by his word on every issue. He believes that tax revenues outpace inflation in Alabama, and is for a restructuring f the tax code. He is a man of integrity who wants the best for the State of Alabama. Reilly is leading by something like 68% to 30%. I don't understand this at all.

On the democrat side, the second place candidate in the polling is currently on trial in Montgomery for racketeering, bribery, and extortion. He was the governor of Alabama only 5 years ago. He actually has 27% of the democrat vote in tomorrow's primary. The leader in the race is Lucy Baxley, who is absolutely clueless, has taken no position on amy issue, and who remarked in January that she wasn't aware that illegal immigration was a problem.

I would encourage everyone to be more enagaged in the political issues, and understand the perspective of the candidates. Know who and what you are voting for.

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