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Thursday, June 08, 2006

It Only Took About Six Minutes to be Proven Right

Talk about being right on the money. Chris Berg, father of beheaded contractor Nick Berg, said that nothing good can come from Zarqawi's death, except a new wave of anti-american violence. He has stated that Zarqawi isn't responsible for the deaths of people, President Bush is the one. He "abhors" the fact that we killed Zarqawi. So, it is bad to kill the man who beheaded your son, because he isn't the one who killed your son, because it might make his friends mad enough to kill your sons friends?

He also said that Zarqawi is not responsible for deaths in Iraq, but that George Bush is responsible for them. As I mentioned before, the hypocrisy of the left is amazing. Zarqawi pulled the trigger, but Bush is responsible. If it happened in this country, Bush couldn't be responsible, because it would be the guns fault. Who knows what manner of logic these left wing nuts come up with?

Also, the new leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq will apparently be Abu Hamza al-Masri. Masri is an Egyptian, following the leadership of Zarqawi who was Jordanian. Apparently They can't find an Iraqi capable or willing to take the job. What was that about Iraqis being so adamant about us leaving now? All of the terror leaders are non-Iraqis.

But don't mention that to won't go over well.

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