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Friday, June 16, 2006

House Votes Against Surrender

I am sure you have heard the news, but the House of Representative voted today to reject surrender in Iraq.

It was a good political move to put some members in a corner about their opinion. However, there are those holdouts who refuse to believe in America, and who refuse to support our nation while at war.

If this were WWII, the dems would have us surrendering to Germany and Japan (much in the vein of wanting us to surrender to the French will now)because we had some deaths while stopping fascism. Following the same logic, the Japanese shouldn't have been attacked after Pearl Harbor because we didn't have a videotape, signed confession, and a record of attendance at therapy from Hirohito. After all, they didn't really want to attack us, but because we are evil and shop at Wal-Mart then they had no choice.

Have these people ever considered the idea that if they might actually be Americans for a change, instead of democrats, that the whole Iraq thing and GWOT might actually go much faster?

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