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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Few Odds and Ends This Morning

Lots of news stories out there, but nothing remarkable so I thought I would post some odds and ends.

First, the Haditha story about the Marines and the public outcry. Murtha was totally irresponsible, political, small minded, unfair, absurd, and many other adjectives for coming out on Memorial Day with this rambling. I served in the Marines, and proudly. If the allegations are true, then these men have what is coming to them. However, the facts are not in, the investigation is ongoing, and there have been no charges filed. For an elected member of Congress to use Labor Day as a platform for political charges against the President is sad.

Second, the homeland security funding for New York City and Washington, D.C.
has been cut.There is much gibberish being spoken about this, but the bottom line is that NYC didn't spend all they were given last year, they have recieved money since 9/11 in staggering amounts, and there are more areas to the U.S. than NYC. Granted, an attack on NYC has ramifications to the entire nation and to the national economy, but so would a dirty bomb at the World Series, or weaponized avian flu released at the Super Bowl.

Third, and final for the morning, a thank you goes out to NICHO. Nicho and I have exchanged thoughts and disagreements on Moxie's site. Moxie and Nicho are included in the links section. Nicho and I are at different places on the political graph, but he is a liberal who doesn't resort to abusive, juvenile, and personal attacks. He discusses his points and attempts to reason with those of us who disagree. No, I am not surrendering to the enemy, but it is nice that there are people who can take a position and logically explain it. He presents well reasoned arguements, and although I doubt we will often agree, the discussions are interesting. Please check out his site. If you don't like his point of view, at least click over to Moxie's place and enjoy the debate.

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