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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ann Coulter Hits the Mark

Al Gore. Howard Dean. Hillary Clinton. Al Franken. A long list of left wing mouths who bash, and demonize anyone who doesn't agree with them. Their speech is hateful and vile. On the left, these people are heroes...believeing that no matter what they say about an individual that they are the experts and everyone must agree with them. But don't dare to respond. For some reason, the left thinks that they can appoint a mouthpiece like Cindy Sheehan to spout rhetoric, and they should be immune from a counterpunch.

The same is true for the 9/11 widows, or the breakfast bunch, or the Stepford Wives, or whatever they call themselves. Thousands of people were left widowers, widows, grieveing parents, brothers, sisters, etc on 9/11. What is so special about four women who before 9/11 probably couldn't have told you what the CIA stands for or what the NSA does for national security. All of a sudden, though, they are supposed to be political experts on every subject from transportation security to the threat of soviet nukes that are unaccounted for since 1990.

I for one could care less about their political commentary, nor for their "expertise' on what the country needs to do for national security. I will, however, purchase a copy of "Godless" (Ann's book released today) tomorrow and enjoy every word. Ann may be shrill at times, but she is certainly more right than wrong.

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