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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Republicans Show Serious Lapse in Judgement

I cannot for the life of me understand why the Senate Republicans, despite the howls of protest over the years about the environmentalist wackos and the democratic party being obstructionists about ANWR, would fight this measure.

The House voted to approve drilling in ANWR. The House Republicans voted without a single dissenting vote to approve this bill. It is apparently DOA in the Senate. At this time we need a more secure, more reliable, more independent oil supply. It is old news that the supply roughly equals demand on the world market, and the U.S. owns a monstrous supply of oil in ANWR, and off the coast of Florida. Not to mention there is almost as much oil domestically as in Saudi Arabia, according to some experts.

I have to do some investigating as to why this bill is doomed. However, the fact that this is doomed provides even more powder to my post about the GOP holding control of Congress. I don't understand why the GOP can't seem to successfully be in control.

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Nicho said...

Drilling in ANWR is completely unnecessary. Aside from the irreversable environmental impacts, it has all of the problem-solving equivilent of putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

One of my far-left friends is actually thankful for the current state of gas prices. Her reasoning is that when supply goes down at the rates it is, prices should go up and we should be forced (by finances) to find alternatives. I can't entirely disagree with her reasoning. Even if we started drilling everywhere Exxon and Mobile wanted to, the fact is that oil is a finite resource. Sooner of later (preferably sooner), we have to find an alternative or we're dead in the water. I'd rather we find it while we have oil as a backup.

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