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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Harry Reid Shouldn't Live in a Glass House

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) accepted free tickets to a Las Vegas boxing match, when there was relevant legislation before his committee.

When you follow the link, thanks to MSNBC, you will see a photo with Reid and John McCain (R-AZ) sitting side by side at a boxing match in 2004. The difference is that one of these men actually paid for his seat, and the other mooched his. Reid has been the mouthpiece of the Michael Moore wing of the democratic party, decrying everything that can possibly be found to decry. Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission when Reid took the free tickets, said one of his desires was to convince Reid and McCain that there was no need for the federal government to usurp the state commission’s authority. At the time, McCain and Reid were pushing legislation to create a federal boxing commission. (Quote from MSNBC).

I don't have a serious problem with the giving of the boxing tickets, and Senators should research how issues will affect their states and their constituents. However, one shouldn't cry from the mountaintops about some members of Congress taking gifts, while knowing that one does the same. John McCain, acording to his office, has always paid for his tickets. If Reid was to make a decision involving a regulated entity, he should have the integrity to prevent the appearance of impropriety.

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Nicho said...

That was an interesting article. It would appear that - in tying in a story about Jack Abramoff in the middle of the boxing ticket story - that the AP would be suggesting that the tickets came from Abramoff. I don't disagree that Reid should've paid for the ticket, mind you. I just find the phrasing of the article to be a bit questionable.

It was as if his taking the ticket wasn't enough of a story, so they had to try to tie him yet again to Jack Abramoff - which is fallacious.

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