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Saturday, January 21, 2006

NSA Activities

Anyone believe that the NSA is a timid, bureaucratic agency that has never used any technology to listen to Americans? Does anyone believe that for the past 20 years, the NSA hasn't been snooping on emails, ferreting out the violence and terror threats?

I don't understand why anyone has an issue with some computer hearing your conversation. While I respect the debate regarding the constitution, and certainly governments who remain unchallenged become unchallengeable, it is unnecessary to frame the debate with "illegal" and "impeachment". If an American citizen places a phone call, or recieves a phone call from someone in Syria, or Afghanistan, or Iran - and the conversation involves the use references to bombs, United States, death, destruction, infidel, great satan, etc., then they need to be monitored. I serously doubt that the NSA has any interest in the class my child skipped, the kiss after a date, or my appointment with my physician for my annual prostate exam.

The Constitutional issue is one of the 4th Amendment's prohibition against search and seizure without a warrant. This is unconsitutional because in criminal trials we seek to deprive a fellow citizen of his liberty. In doing so, we infringe upon the most important of God given rights, and the founders took that very seriously indeed. However, they also took treason seriously, and I have no doubt that many men were hanged beceuase of a report by a fellow soldier of their desertion, or similar action. My point is that unless/until an American citizen is denied due process or is criminally prosecuted for trafficking cocaine and was only caught because of NSA monitoring, then there is no constitutional violation.

The left in this country would prefer that we played ostrich when it comes to world affairs. They would prefer that Saddam Hussain was in power and that President Bush had never been born. And they wonder why they can't win an election? In 1943 the democratic party wanted to stop hitler as badly as anyone else. Todya, their main goal is to stop America from greatness.

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